Hello, my name is Jordan Paris and I am the guy in that picture above. I enjoy coffee, energy drinks, red vines, dogs, reading, writing, basketball, and many other fun things. Welcome to my blog!

I believe perspective changes everything. The way we perceive things makes all the difference in one’s life. I love writing, and this blog gives me a platform to write about things from a perspective that is uniquely mine. My hope is that what I share helps you view things from a different angle. I am not here to force my convictions on you, but to help broaden your perspective as mine continues to broaden.

This blog is called dead2life. As Christians, Jesus has brought us from death to life. Because of this, the lens in which we view things changes. Each topic I discuss is written from the perspective that Christ has brought me from death to life. My Christian faith and writing are integrated into one website called dead2life.net 

I don’t ever plan on discontinuing my writing. I pray that God uses this blog to encourage fellow believers wherever they are in their walks of life.

If you have any comments, questions, or any suggestions on what you’d like me to write about, feel free to email me at askdead2life@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there! I followed a link to this blog from Facebook and have read several posts now. I just want to encourage you to continue what you’re doing by saying this: There is a lot of truth in what you write and you express it with a refreshing simplicity. It’s evidence of God’s work in your own heart and what He can do with someone who is willing. I know of several people’s lives God has touched through your words already, mine being one of them. (Side note–I also really got excited when I saw you were a fellow MU student!) Thank you and God bless.


    1. I appreciate the encouraging words. I am thankful God is allowing me to touch other people’s lives through this blog. Reading what you wrote has reminded me why I am writing this blog. Again, thank you for your encouragement.


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