LeBron vs Michael: Who is Better?

Who is better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan? This question has been asked for many years and will be debated about for decades to come.

Undoubtedly they are two of the greatest athletes to ever pick up a basketball. The doubt remains in which is greater than the other.

People have debated opinion and fact over the years to argue their view on this matter. There is no correct answer to this question because it is an unfair question. This question strays away from asking why each player is great and asks who is better in comparison to the other.

Answering the question of who is better would diminish each of them as basketball players. This is because comparing views something in contrast of what it is being compared to. For instance, a thirty year old man is young when compared to those who are retired. On the other hand, a thirty year old man is old in comparison to someone in grade school. A thirty year old man is either young or old depending on who you compare him to.

When we ask who is better between LeBron and Michael, we don’t appreciate their greatness in its entirety. Rather than appreciating them for who they are, we only appreciate them for who they are in comparison to one another. LeBron’s greatness is no longer great if Michael did the same thing better.

Rather than asking who is better, we should be asking what makes each of them great. When we change the question and begin asking what makes each of them great, we appreciate them for who they are.

I bring up the LeBron and Michael debate not to give some biased opinion on two athletes, but to show how comparison diminishes the two things being compared.

I would argue that a lot of insecurity in this world is a product of comparison.

A girl may feel ugly in comparison to someone she feels is more beautiful than her. This doesn’t make her ugly, but she views herself that way because she sees herself in comparison to someone else.

Some guy may be insecure about his body because whenever he goes to the gym, he always sees guys that are bigger than him.

A young married couple may be discoursed that their marriage seems more dysfunctional than a more experienced married couple. There are a lot of things to celebrate in two years of marriage, but a lot of discouragement to have if compared to a marriage of twenty years. A young couple may long for something that has taken twenty years to develop rather than appreciating what has developed in two years of marriage.

In all of these examples, comparison replaced appreciation with discouragement, insecurity, and frustration. This is because these people only viewed themselves in comparison to others.

A girl who feels ugly should stop comparing herself to others and begin appreciating herself for who she is.

A guy should stop comparing himself to others bigger than he is and celebrate the progress he has made in the gym.

A younger marriage should not view their relationship in how it compares to an older marriage. Seek wisdom from older marriages, but don’t be discoursed when your marriage looks different than theirs.

Stop comparing. Compare yourself to someone “less” than you and you will become arrogant and filled with pride. Compare yourself to someone “better” than you and you will become discouraged and insecure.

Stop comparing yourself to others and begin appreciating yourself in light of how God created you.

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