Marriage: The Journey

The woman I married is not the same woman I said the words “I do” to. She has grown and blossomed since our wedding day on December 3rd 2016.

It has only been three months I have had the privilege to marry her and already I have seen the growth in her heart. I cannot wait until we hit the three year mark, then the thirty year mark and beyond.

It’s not that she has changed into a different person; she is growing into the woman God has created her to be.

What I have come to realize is this: Marriage is not about marrying someone as a finished product; it’s about journeying together on a never-ending path of growth.

Someone who is “marriage material” is not someone who is a finished product. Someone who is marriage material is someone you can look at and say, “I want to walk along them on the path of growth and help them blossom into the person God desires them to be.”

My wife is someone I am excited to walk this path with. As we make forgiveness and repentance a part of our lifestyle, we will continue to bring each other back to the cross as God grows our hearts through his grace.

Marriage is exciting not because of an extravagant wedding day, but because God is using each of you to help the other grow.

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