Four Reasons to Be Mindful on Facebook

Facebook allows you to say things behind the safety of a computer screen. Conversations that should be done in private are posted for the public. Because there is no face to face confrontation, accountability seems absent.

Facebook blinds people from understanding the gravity of their words. Most people text things they wouldn’t say in person. Why is Facebook any different?

Social media becomes an arena where people feel invincible with a keyboard being there double-edged sword. This feeling of invincibility leads to people saying dumb things.

Facebook itself isn’t bad, but how you use it can be either good or bad. Let me give you four reasons to be mindful while using Facebook (or any social media platform for that matter)…

  1. You paint a picture of yourself. What you say affects how others view you. Every word you type is a brushstroke that paints a picture of yourself for all to see. People do read what you write and they do view you through the lens of what you type.
  2. You form opinions of others. We read what others write and assume the intent behind their post. These assumptions change how we view them. Who people are on Facebook is not always who they are in person. Relationship and communication done through the medium of Facebook leaves a lot of room for error and misjudgment.
  3. You represent more than yourself. Whenever you post, you are representing more than yourself. You also represent your faith and local church community. When you post things, it doesn’t just change how people view you, it changes how people view the very things you represent.
  4. It is difficult to interpret what is typed. We communicate with words that are expressed through tone and body language. Facebook communicates with words, but takes out the element of tone and body language. This makes it very difficult to interpret what someone is writing because we can’t see or hear them in person.

Be mindful on Facebook. Let every person be quick to hear, slow to type, and slow to anger.

What you post has weight to it. Understand that, and allow that understanding to inform how use Facebook.

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