God’s Sovereignty Trumps Trump

Thousands of years trying to conform others to our ideals, yet the world isn’t getting any better.

Keyboards are the new mics. Anyone has the freedom to use that mic while hiding behind the safety of a computer screen.

The age of social media has tricked us into thinking our opinions really matter. We have also been deceived into thinking that more opinions shared equates to a more put-together world. Our world is not put-together; we have fallen far from God’s original design.

Donald Trump was sworn into office on January 20th, 2017. His doorway into presidency has opened a room full of opinions. If we really think the “right” president can fix our country, then we have another problem. Since when should we put so much hope into one man?

One man can’t tear down or fix a world that God is sovereign over.

For many, skepticism towards our new president translates into anger, confusion, and pessimism. Why waste time trying to convince others that your opinion is the right one? Why waste energy arguing with others when you can spend time praying for him and our country?

Our new president needs love and support. He needs prayer; prayer for wisdom, guidance, and prayers for God to lead him over the next four years so he can lead our country well.

But let’s just say you decided to argue. Even if you win the argument against someone, you lose that relationship with them. We are so stuck on what we think is right that we damage our relationships for the sake of winning.

So why am I writing this blog you say? I am not trying to convince the world of anything. Rather, I am appealing to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Realize that…

1. Donald Trump is not going to change what God has already decreed.

2. Your political beliefs, no matter how well you articulate them, will not change what God has already decreed.

3. God is Creator, we are the created. Let us not forget that.

My heart breaks for this country. Pray for Donald Trump more than you criticize him.

If you think the world is going to live or die by the decisions of one man, think again. Don’t forget this world is fallen and so are our hearts. The spotlight shining on our brokenness is brighter than ever. This spotlight doesn’t demand us to respond by trying to fix the world. This spotlight demands us to respond by fixing our eyes on the one who will restore all brokenness: Jesus Christ.

Lord come quickly!

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