Religion VS Christianity

What is the difference between religion and Christianity? Don’t they both fall under the title “Religion”? Titles can be misleading, so let’s unpack the difference between the two.

Religion says conceal sin. Christianity says confess sin. (Proverbs 28:13)

Religion says I love God for what he does. Christianity says I love God for who he is. (Daniel 3:17-18)

Religion says God is indebted to me. Christianity says I am indebted to God. (Romans 11:35)

Religion says suffering happens to those who violate Gods plan. Christianity says suffering is part of Gods plan. (James 1:2-4)

Religion says better behavior rids us of our shame. Christianity says grace overcomes our shame. (Romans 6:14)

Religion says work gets you to God. Christianity says trust in the one who did the work for you. (Romans 4:25)

Religion says relevance is truth. Christianity says truth is relative. (John 17:17)

Religion says take off your dirty shoes before entering Gods house. Christianity says keep the shoes on. (Romans 5:8)

Religion boasts in morality. Christianity boasts in Christ. (Galatians 6:14)

Religion says flee from the unknown. Christianity says the unknown develops faith. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Religion is restrictive. Christianity is freeing. (Romans 6:18)

Religion produces duplicity. Christianity produces authenticity. (Proverbs 11:3)

Religion is boring. Christianity is exciting. (Revelation 21:4)

Religion builds pride. Christianity instills humility. (Philippians 2:5-8)

Religion says you’re strong when you’re strong. Christianity says you’re strong when you’re weak. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Religion poisons the healthy. Christianity heals the sick. (Luke 5:31)

Religion says embrace comfort. Christianity says embrace discomfort. (Psalm 119:50)

Religion says we will be known by our morality. Christianity says we will be known by our love. (John 13:35)

Religion says the more you change, the closer you are to Christ. Christianity says the closer you are to Christ, the more you change. (Philippians 3:8-11)

Religion says run from Christ when you sin. Christianity says run to Christ when you sin. (Acts 3:19)

Religion says God is passive. Christianity says God is sovereign. (Ecclesiastes 3:14-15)

Religion says God needs you to serve. Christianity says God allows you to serve.  (Colossians 3:23-24)

Religion says Jesus was a cool concept. Christianity says Jesus is real. (Revelation 1:18)

Religion says read your bible to read it. Christianity says read your bible to know God. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Religion says be a lone wolf. Christianity says be in community. (Romans 12:4-5)

Religion says church is an event. Christianity says church is a people. (Ephesians 2:19-22)

Religion seeks to know about God. Christianity seeks to know God. (John 17:3)

Religion is for the righteous. Christianity is for the sinner. (Romans 5:8)

Religion is like trying to get to the top of Mount Everest while running on a treadmill; you get nowhere. Christianity isn’t about our works, it’s about the one who did what we couldn’t: Jesus.

Romans 4:4-5 sums up Christianity well. It says “Now to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due. And to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness.”






2 thoughts on “Religion VS Christianity

  1. This post is a string of false dichotomies and straw men. Christianity is self-evidently a religion (look at the etymology of the word, for starters). The contrasts you’re drawing are things that you’ve by and large made up in order to make the two things seem different. Not buying it, and I really can’t see how it’s helpful.


    1. Religion is works based. Christianity isn’t works based, it’s all about grace (receiving something we don’t deserve). Those aren’t contrasts I am making up. The Bible is clear that works don’t save us. I appreciate your feedback.


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