How Do We Fix Our Nation?

Our nation is visibly becoming more and more broken. It seems that we get news of another shooting just about every other day. With such immense evil ravaging our nation, what are we to do? Do we stand by idly as evil becomes rampant? Do we create systematic structures to help us remedy the brokenness? Do we shout to the world our opinion in hopes that others will join us in our own little push for change? What are we to do?

The first thing we must understand in fixing our nation is that we cannot fix our nation. Without a healthy understanding of how the world works, we will continue to promote unhealthy solutions.

Brokenness is inevitable. Until Christ returns, sin will remain present. We can remedy certain things within our world, but one day there will be no need for remedy because our King will bring ultimate restoration.

Until Christ returns, we will never live in a fully restored world. If we don’t surrender our trust to God, we begin to trust in ourselves. We begin to fight for supremacy with God in an attempt to restore all that is broken. We feel we are bringing restoration to a world that desperately needs it, but all we are really doing is contributing to the dysfunction of our world.

The second thing we need to do is fixate our eyes on Christ. We focus too much on sharing our opinion with the world. We spend more energy trying to convince people of our views rather than allowing God to shape our views as we humbly submit to Him.

If critique outweighs prayer, there is a problem. Prayer doesn’t mean that God will answer our prayers by fixing our nation; rather, prayer is the context in which our hearts align with His. Rather than trying to fix our nation, we fixate our hearts on God by prayerfully depending on Him.

So what are we to do? In the craziness of all that is going on, stop trying to change the world. Silence your voice, humble your heart, and allow God to change you. Grieve all that is going on, pray to God, and fixate your eyes on Him.

It’s not bad to speak your opinion, but if you do it more than you pray for yourself and our nation, silence your voice.


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