A Prayer for Our Nation

Heavenly Father, we cry out to you as your children.

We always need you, but the circumstances of our nation highlight our need to depend on you all the more.

We are a nation straying farther and farther away from you. We are trying to experience freedom by allowing ourselves the ability to do as we please. In this pursuit, we have lost sight of what’s important. We have made the significant insignificant, and the insignificant significant. We have adopted moral relativism and have developed a mindset that is inward focused. Denying ourselves the right to do as we please is seen as a violation of the highest order.

What have we become? What kind of nation are we becoming?

We are running down the road of self-gratification. At the end of that road isn’t freedom, it is destruction. We are trying to create a new context in which we can experience true “freedom”. We are looking everywhere BUT to you. Help us refocus our hearts and minds on you. Help us realize the only way we can be content is by living how we were originally designed; in relationship with you.

I am not praying that you fix our nation and right all the wrongs. We know this will happen the day you return. Until that day, empower us by your Spirit to stand firm in our faith. Give us the strength both as the local church and universal church to live as exiles in this foreign land.

We pray that we can be the church in a nation that rejects God. Give us the strength to love, but also the strength to live out our faith. Don’t allow us to live out our faith in a judgmental and condemning way. Empower us to live with love, but with a love that never violates your character.

As our nation continually strays away from you, help us draw nearer to you. We need you God. Forgive us for our direct rebellion towards you.

We are not surprised to see the world being the world. Our prayer is that we as the church live with boldness, love, grace, and truth. We will not conform to this world. Help us die to ourselves as we live for you.

We love you God and thank you for all in this world, both the good and the bad. God we need you. Return to us. Until then, give us the strength to live out our faith.







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