What a Blind Man Didn’t Even Know He Taught Me

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. I was getting hungry and decided to eat at a restaurant. The line to order food was about 15 minutes long. During those 15 minutes, I saw something that woke me up out of my entitled, ungrateful, longing-for-more mindset. I saw a blind man.

This young man, roughly 14 years old, was sitting down at a table with his mom and dad. Not only did they get up to retrieve his meal, but they helped him eat it. They cut his pizza and guided him to his drink. This situation reminded me of how much more grateful I need to be.

Here I am complaining that I have to go to work, fill up my car with gas, run an errand, or that I am not tan enough. Then I saw this young man and it put everything in perspective for me. It reminded me of how blessed I am. This young man was 14 years old and had no vision, yet I complain that my left eye seems a little blurry.

Life would be so much better if we were thankful. This young man with blindness didn’t even know how much his life spoke to me. Looking at him put a spotlight on my heart. I realized I need to be more thankful for what I do have.

We take things for granted all the time. They say you don’t know what you have till you lose it, but I want to know what I have while I have it.

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