What 4 Years at Multnomah University Taught Me

It’s finally here…graduation. After four years of late nights, lots of coffee, and cafeteria food, I am finally graduating. Can I get an “amen”?!

MU Photo
This was me four years ago (I am the one in the middle)

It’s been four years of traveling this road known as college and I have arrived at the final destination known as graduation. During these past four years, the thing I learned more than anything is this: never lose sight of the gospel. The gospel is this: Jesus lived the perfect life and died the perfect death so that we may experience salvation when we put our faith in Him.

Multnomah University is a bible college. I learned a lot of biblical and theological knowledge at Multnomah. This knowledge is great, but I found myself seeking to know ABOUT God rather than seeking to KNOW God.

Raise your mental capacities all you want, but it is vanity if you lose sight of the gospel. I understand anthropology, anthropomorphism, contextualization, inerrancy, infallibility, ontology, regeneration, and textual criticism. All of these words are great to understand, but if you forget the gospel these words mean nothing.

The gospel isn’t something to be received and then forgotten. It is meant to be obsessed over. The moment we lose sight of the gospel, we shift our dependency from God to self. This is a very dangerous place to be in because you can develop a pharisaical mindset.

Never mistake knowledge for redemption. It’s easy to learn concepts and easy to forget the gospel. Don’t worry how much you know about God; worry more about how much you know Him.

Continue to increase your mental capacities. Study Bible and theology, but don’t ever lose sight of the gospel. Whenever your head knowledge grows, your heart should grow with it. Both are important, but one without the other is dangerous.

Obsess over the gospel. Seek to know God and the love He has for you. As you gain a deeper understanding of this love, you will be able to replicate that love to others. The instant you forget the gospel you begin to believe you earn your salvation.

Self-reliance is a breeding ground for pride, self-righteousness, and arrogance. The gospel is a breeding ground for humility, love, and growth.

What has 4 years of Multnomah taught me? Never lose sight of the gospel.  



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