Transgender Bathrooms

Transgender bathrooms are a hot debate topic as of late. Transgender bathrooms allow a person to use the restroom that corresponds to whichever gender they identify as. If a male identifies as a female, he may go to the women’s bathroom. Are transgender bathrooms right or wrong? I believe transgender bathrooms are wrong. This viewpoint can be argued from both a biblical and ethical standpoint.

But before we get into this debate let’s have a heart check…

Are we approaching this topic in love or in judgement hoping to prove the other side wrong? If it is in love, good! If it is in judgement, let’s take a second to check our own hearts.

This transgender bathroom situation is dangerous for Christians. It allows us to look away from the mirror of our own sin and focus on other people. Don’t think for a moment that because you would never become a transgender or support transgender bathrooms that you are better than others. We all sin and need Jesus. Climbing the ladder of morality won’t save you, Jesus will. So let’s not think for a moment that we are more righteous than those who oppose our views. We are all sinners and in need of Jesus.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s approach this topic humbly

As Christians we are called to love, but love isn’t always manifested in the form of support. Support in today’s culture means surrendering one’s convictions to show acceptance. As Christians, we are told to love our neighbor (Mark 12:31). Love doesn’t mean showing compassion if it means surrendering one’s convictions. Compassion and conviction are married to one another; the divorce of these two is dangerous. So how are we to love while holding firm to truth?

We need to get the idea out of our minds that loving others means supporting their actions even when those actions are in direct rebellion to biblical and ethical principles. I know what you’re thinking, “Just what we need, another judgmental Christian!” I would be judgmental if I forced my convictions on others without compassion, but that is NOT what I am doing. Love means telling people truth with compassion and humility. How is it loving for me to tell the world that it is okay to endorse transgender bathrooms? The opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference. For me to be indifferent about transgender bathrooms is wrong. Indifference to this situation tells the world “I don’t care what you do, even if it leads to your destruction. Just do what makes you feel good.”

If we become supportive and accepting of transgender bathrooms, we are contributing to a society that says feeling good is the top priority. Society says “If surrendering truth makes us feel good, then let’s say what’s true for you is true for you.” If people are offended by truth, by all means let them be offended. But keep in mind that truth is what should offend them, not your judgment or condemnation.

Because we don’t want to offend anyone, we live in silence biting our tongue. We want people to feel good so we compromise our convictions in an attempt to let others do as they please. God created male and female (Genesis 1:27). Because of sin, we try to deviate as far away from God’s original design as possible. A manifestation of this is transgender bathrooms. We don’t like that God created genders uniquely different from one another, so we try to find ways around this exclusiveness. When God’s truth contradicts our desires, we make God’s truth subservient to our wants and desires. This is why people want transgender bathrooms. We don’t want to live under the authority of a good and sovereign God; we want to be our own authority. We would rather do what FEELS right rather than do what IS right.

From a Biblical standpoint, transgender bathrooms are wrong because God created each and every one of us either male or female. We must operate from this reality. If you are a male, don’t try to become a female. If you are a female, don’t try to become a male. Some may say, “What about hermaphrodites?” Those cases are anomalies and should not be involved in the transgender bathroom debate. You can’t take a rarity and act like it’s a commonality.

What about people who don’t believe in the Bible? Should they oppose transgender bathrooms? Yes. You don’t need to believe in the Bible to argue that transgender bathrooms are ethically wrong. Imagine for a moment if a male could go to a female bathroom just by saying that he identifies as a female. Can you say “sexual predator?!” Only .3 percent of our population in the United States identifies as transgender. This is such a small amount! If we pass laws allowing transgender bathrooms, we are giving sexual predators a free pass to hunt. Bathrooms would be seen more as a war zone and crime scene rather than a place to simply go to the bathroom.

In the end, we must love with compassion and love with conviction. Stand firm in what is right. Conviction is not a feeling, it is a belief. We believe God created male and female separate but equal. From a biblical standpoint, transgender bathrooms are wrong because it allows people to deviate away from God’s original design. From an ethical standpoint, transgender bathrooms are wrong because it gives sexual predators a free pass to hunt in bathrooms. Don’t go pointing fingers at others who oppose this view. There are approximately seven billion people in this world; not everyone will agree with you. In the disagreement, don’t be judgmental or condemning. Love others with humility and compassion while holding firm to truth. If others are offended, let it be the truth that offends them.

There are many more arguments in regards to transgender bathrooms. For the sake of keeping this article as short as possible, I only talked about a couple of them. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Transgender Bathrooms

    1. I briefly touched on that in this article. Folks who are intersex, also known as hermaphrodites, are an anomaly. In those rare cases, they are usually surgically made into one gender or the other. In that instance, they would be able to go to a specific bathroom. If they never had a surgery and still had both male and female physical features, I would advise they go to whichever bathroom more closely identifies with their physical make up. These are very difficult situations to deal with; thankfully these are the minority of cases.


    1. I am okay with gender assignment surgery in situations where someone is a hermaphrodite. If they don’t get a surgery, they will never be one gender or the other. I am not okay with others getting sex changes when they were born as one gender or the other.


      1. I misspoke earlier when I said “gender assignment” and should have said ‘sex assignment.’ It seems like you are saying folks who are born intersex (I do not use the term “hermaphrodite” as it’s considered outdated, offensive language) should undergo assignment surgery, whereas you oppose transgender folks seeking a similar procedure.

        “God created each and every one of us either male or female. We must operate from this reality. If you are a male, don’t try to become a female. If you are a female, don’t try to become a male.” If we are to agree that God is the Creator, then we must agree that God created people to be intersex too. I know that you keep falling back on the small number of folks who have this experience, but the World Health Organization states in the US, five babies are born intersex every day. Often times, genital surgery is against the best interest of the person whose sexual organs can function fine. In fact, the WHO states that this surgery is can lead to more damage by (1) creating circumstances with which the child’s future gender identity may not align (in other words, a parent may decide to remove male genitalia from his or her child who grows up and to have a male gender identity, despite the female genitalia he was left with), and (2) adult sexual function may be harmed by removing certain, specifically with reduced feelings of sensation.

        Besides the fact that this surgery presents an ethical issue with parents making decisions for their children without their consent, it is important to note that sexual organs do not determine gender. I highly recommend checking out this page, as I have learned so much from it:

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  1. It’s really good that you’re not the end all to this conversation. You lost me right when you brought religion into this. Overtly religious types make me sick. It’s easy to discriminate when you hide behind a religion that you say doesn’t condon such things. Trust me when I tell you that Trans people have always been using the restroom they identify with before people like you made it an issue. They just need a place to pee. Who are they really bothering? The answer to that is no one. I’ve never ran into anyone harassing me in the restroom and chances are you haven’t either. There is a reason there is a separation of church and state in that it’s supposed to stop ignorant folks like you from passing judgment on people who don’t share your same belief.
    If you say well what about my child’s safety? The answer to that is be a responsible parent and go to the restroom with your child like your supposed to. It is that freaking simple. The rest of the world shouldn’t have to take responsibility for your child when you decide not to. This world is full of people with good and bad in it no matter what group you associate with and that includes religious groups and figures so I’d think twice before I’d use religious morals as a “good” argument for why someone who identifis as a man or a women shouldn’t use the rest room. Please take several sets down and just be honest in saying you simply hate something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t know about you but I mind my own business whenever I had to use the restroom. I suggest you learn to do the same.

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    1. I don’t hate something I think is uncomfortable. Transgender bathrooms don’t make me uncomfortable because its different, it makes me uncomfortable because it’s dangerous.I am not at all judging the hearts of transgender people. I am simply saying it is a danger to open up bathrooms to both genders. I used the Bible as an argument because I am a Christian; therefore my views will reflect my beliefs. I also used an ethical argument. I talked about the dangers of transgender bathrooms. These bathrooms would mean a man could walk into a women’s restroom if he just says that he identifies as a female. You don’t see a lot of men in women’s bathrooms, but if this law gets passed, you will see a lot more of that. That in itself presents a lot of dangers.

      Again, I just want to affirm that I am not passing judgement. I in no way condemn or look down on those who who differ than myself. I love those people.This article isn’t meant to portray me as superior to them, but rather to express my view on the transgender bathroom debate.


  2. Hello,
    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and beliefs regarding transgender bathrooms as a manifestation of sin. Your attempt at remaining articulate was thorough, but at remaining non-judgemental was not. You mix several debateable topics. First, cite your sources when using statistics. You say statistics of very few transgender folks in the world, but then contradict yourself in saying they are commonalities. Only the truth should offend you. To associate any gender identity with the prevasive nature of sexual predation in vulnerable settings, such as a bathroom, should be looked at with truth. The sign on a bathroom door is not going to stop sexual predation, clearly. They have a “free pass to hunt” already, no law has stopped them thus far. The troubling mindset of society, particularly those whose gender identity aligns with God’s design of men, is what gives them a pass to do what feels good. As you state is so clearly wrong. Only the truth should offend you. I say this utmost compassion and love for you. Do not enter a space and tote God as your protector when you provide uneducated perspectives on transgender individuals who “try” to live their life. That is something no one appreciates. Only the truth should offend you.

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    1. I wasn’t saying transgenders are commonalities. I was saying hermaphrodites are a minority in the transgender population. Transgenders are much more common than hermaphrodites.

      I agree that no law has stopped sexual predators from entering bathrooms. But if it becomes legal to enter whichever bathroom you choose, it makes it much easier to prey on victims without any questions being asked.

      Also, what uneducated perspective am I providing? What does this quote mean “The troubling mindset of society, particularly those whose gender identity aligns with God’s design of men, is what gives them a pass to do what feels good”? I tried to interpret it as best as possible. Our world has a troubled mindset. We believe that deviation from God’s design is okay as long as it feels good. We don’t like to serve a God who contradicts our desires. We like to view God as a friend and Savior, but not our Lord and King. He intends people to live as the gender they were created to be. Obviously in cases like hermaphrodites it’s difficult to say that they should live as the gender they were created to be because they were born with both gender’s parts. But for others who are born one way and feel another, I understand it is difficult to deal with that. My heart goes out to them. I want to be sensitive and sympathetic to those people while at the same time speaking from a perspective that stands firm in truth. The truth being that no matter how difficult it is to wrestle with the tension of being born one way and feeling another, that it is not okay to go through with a sex change or go into bathroom that is the opposite of your gender. The issue isn’t as simple as changing your gender and all is fixed. The problem is MUCH deeper than that. It is a heart issue. No matter how difficult it may be emotionally for someone to deal with this, the struggle they feel should not enable them to do as they please. In the same way, I am a male who is attracted to females. It is difficult for me to stay abstinent before marriage. The struggle is very difficult for me, but just because it is difficult doesn’t mean i should give into my desires.What I feel is right is much different than what I know to be right.

      Lastly, I am not trying to pass judgement on anyone. I am not condemning people who differ than myself, i am simply sharing my perspective on this topic from both a biblical and ethical standpoint.


    2. Brains dead liberals are notorious.for passing laws that go against the will of the majority,that’s why the king of the idiot movement is going to be replaced with a right wing republican who will snap Obama’s golden pen and reverse the damage he has caused with the unafordable health care act,gay marriage and deballing the us military.

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