I Am Not Who You Think I Am

I am not who you think I am…

I played college basketball, wear skinny jeans, drive a mustang, play music with the windows down, enjoy lifting weights, and like holding hands with my girlfriend. These are things I do, not things I am.

People look at me and equate doing with being. My activity is mistaken for identity. There have been times people have called me “douchebag” because they assume they know me by what they perceive. The problem is perception isn’t always reality.

I am not a basketball player, I play basketball. Call me semantical, but what we say matters. What I do does not determine who I am. Who I am determines what I do.

Am I really a “douchebag” because I drive a mustang with the window down? Or could it just be I enjoy driving a mustang with the windows down? Am I cocky and arrogant because I lift weights and wear tank tops in the sun? Or could it just be that I enjoy working out and wearing tank tops in the sun?

Please don’t look at me and assume you know me. I am not who you think I am. Don’t equate lifting weights as arrogant, driving a mustang as cocky, and playing basketball as being a dumb jock. I happen to enjoy those things, but those things don’t define me.

Sit down, take off your judgmental glasses, and get to know me. What you will realize is I am someone who wants to be known. I don’t want to be known on the basis of your judgmental assumptions; I want to be known on the basis of who I really am.

I enjoy doing a lot, but don’t mistake my activity for identity. I am a son whose heart breaks for his mother’s illness, a man who prays for his brother’s success, a man who loves serving at his local church, and a man who has big dreams. This is part of who I am. Will you take the time to know me or will you assume you know me?

Does what I do define who I am? If so, label me what you want. But I believe my character defines me. You be the judge…

Who do you think I am?


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