Missions to Military Students

God has placed a desire in the heart of a young man to pursue a life of missions overseas. My brother, Tyler Paris, worked in Japan during the summer of 2015 with middle school and high school students. God captivated Tyler’s heart for this ministry. He has developed a love for these students that leaves him urgently desiring to go back full-time. He is faithfully responding to God by raising support that will enable him the funds to go back oversees with this ministry.

Tyler works with Cadence International which is an evangelical mission agency that is dedicated to reaching military communities all over the world with the gospel. The ministry targets students that live on a military base for a certain length of time and then move to other places. Students’ short-lived time spent in differing locations is both negative and positive. The negative aspect is they don’t get to settle down and call one place home. The positive is they are able to spread the gospel to multiple parts of the world as they travel. Their short time spent in a military base is crucial as it gives them time to be relationally discipled. Missionaries, like my brother, invest time into the lives of military students. These students are then able to be missionaries of their own as they go out into other parts of the world to be a light in dark places.

My brother’s goal is to work as a full-time missionary oversees with Cadence International. He is working hard to raise support. We ask that you take-part in this ministry. Tyler has worked hard these past 7 months to try and raise $60,000 annually. He has raised a little over 60% of that. God has called some to go and some to send. Each is equally important. God has called Tyler to go. Will you help send him both with prayer and finances? If you cannot support with finances, prayer is just as important. If you can support with finances, monthly support or one time donations are welcome.

Thanks for giving this a read and seeing what God is doing in both Tyler’s life and the life of miliatry students in Japan. Here is the link to support Tyler…http://www.cadence.org/missionaryPage/paris


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