Morality Points to God’s Existence

If you are not a Christian, I am not writing this to convince you into Heaven. I can’t do that; that is the Holy Spirit’s job. If you are a Christian, I am not writing this to give you an argument you can use with others. I am writing because this topic has both intrigued me and given me new perspective with my faith.

The source of morality points to God’s existence. If God didn’t exist, where would morality come from? If not God, you may say a higher power. Regardless, in order for there to be a standard of morality, there must be a source from which our morality comes from.

If there was no source of morality, we would be the source of morality. We call this “moral relativism”. In other words, right and wrong is fully dependent on what you feel is right and wrong. If you believe in moral relativism, you believe anyone can do whatever they want. The problem is, we don’t really believe that. We intrinsically have a desire for justice, we feel bad when we do wrong, and we rejoice when the good guy wins. Why? Because we have a moral standard that is rooted deep in our DNA. That begs the question, why do others seem to have no problem doing wrong? Let’s say you feel lying is wrong, but after a while you feel it is okay. This doesn’t mean a moral standard left your DNA; it means your sin desensitized you to your own wrong doing.

Why do we want justice? Why do we feel guilty when we hurt others? Why do become angry when school shootings happen? Why do we feel good when we give? Why do we smile when we see someone giving to the poor? Why do we want the bad guy to get what he deserves? We experience all of these things because we were created in God’s image.

Desensitization to wrong and evil is all a result of sin. Sin infects our moral standards and blurs the line between right and wrong. Despite our sinful natures, we still live in the tension between doing right or doing wrong.

Because we were made in God’s image, we were made to live in union with him. Sin breaks that union we have with God. Anytime we deviate from how God created us to live, we are living in opposition to our original design. Use a butter knife to cut a tree down and the knife will slowly be ruined. Live outside of God’s original design for you and you will slowly be ruined by sin.

The source of morality points to God’s existence. How? Because we each have a moral standard rooted deep in our DNA that exists because we came into existence in the image of God.

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