Social media is filled with selfies, pictures, quotes, relationship statuses, likes, shares, and followers. It can be defined in short as a filter. Social media is synonymous for filter media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat are all ways for us to show the world the brightest and best parts of us. We post pictures and write captions that show the world we are having a great time. Every time I look at Snapchat stories, I see people who are happy. It’s always like my friends are on some grand adventure having a dandy time. When I look at their photos and read their captions, I can’t help but ask why my life can’t be as good as theirs. I wonder why I can’t be as happy as they are.

The problem with filter media is that it filters out all the bad in our lives so people only see the good. It is like a water filter that filters out all the Zinc, Cadmium, Chlorine, Copper, and Mercury in water. These elements make water taste bad and make it unclean. The filter gets rid of the bad and presents us with the good. Social media should be called filter media because it filters what things people see of us. It privatizes the bad and publicizes the good.

Do you ever feel discouraged when you scroll through Instagram, read someone’s Facebook status, or watch Snapchat stories? I do! I wonder why my life is never going as well as theirs, why I don’t always smile at my job, why my week isn’t filled with adventure, or why my relationships aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. The reason I feel these things is because I am comparing my life to someone’s filter media life. My life is filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Someone’s filter media life is filled with the good, the great, and the grand.

We don’t post anything that would make us look bad. We want people to see the best of us. When we do this, we give people the impression that our life is always going well. Real life isn’t like that. We can’t filter out the bad and only experience the good. Social media allows us to escape reality by sharing our good experiences while hiding the bad.

Stop comparing yourself to people on filter media. If we were honest in what we posted, there would be less filtered pictures and statuses and more raw, honest, and sad posts that accurately reflect all aspects of our life, not just the good. So stop finding your value from filter media and stop comparing yourself with other peoples’ statuses and pictures. Life is hard. It is full of ups and downs. Let’s not act like life is full of only ups. When your life feels like it is going down, realize it is okay to not always feel happy. Be honest about where you’re at.

Live with #nofilter

One thought on “#nofilter

  1. I love this Jordan! I want all my kids and all their friends to see this and embrace this truth! Great handling of a very real issue for all our young people! 🙂

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