Gospel APPreciation

IPhone apps come and go like the wind. Remember the days when Clash of Clans, Words with Friends, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, and apps like Trivia Crack were popular? It seems like every few months a new iPhone app bleeds into the public eye and then vanishes soon after. We have been programmed to constantly want something new. “Out with the old and in with the new” is our cultures’ anthem. As Christians, we treat the gospel like an iPhone app. We receive it, use it for a while, and forget it exists. The gospel isn’t like an iPhone app; it isn’t meant to come and go like the wind. It is meant to come, take root in our hearts, and grow us. Christian maturity is measured by gospel appreciation.

If we don’t remind ourselves of the gospel, we forget our need for it. The gospel is simply this: Jesus lived the perfect life we could not live and died the life we could never die so that through faith in him, we are made right with God. The gospel isn’t an iPhone app you download into your life once you’re a Christian and then delete after a few months of using it. The gospel is the app you use more and more every day because you realize your dependence on it.

The most dangerous time to be a Christian is when life is good. When life is good, we forget why we need the gospel. Christian maturity is measured by gospel appreciation. The more we allow the gospel take root in hearts, the more it will grow in us an understanding of our depravity and the hope we have in Christ. If we lose our appreciation for the gospel we start to appreciate ourselves more. This develops an unhealthy dependence on self.

Learn the gospel, live the gospel, and lead others to it. Don’t let it be like an iPhone app you delete after a few months. Allow the gospel take root in your heart and grow in you a deeper appreciation for Christ. You are growing as a Christian when your appreciation for the gospel grows.

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