Highlight Film Christianity

I don’t watch a lot of full NBA games, but I love watching NBA highlights. I could sit down and watch an hour of highlight videos. If you sit down and watch a Kobe Bryant highlight film, you will be amazed at what you see. From his fadeaway shots to his posturizing dunks to his game winners, his highlights will make your jaw drop.

When you watch someone’s highlight film, you see all of their best plays; you see them at their best. You can take the worst player in the world and make them look good by putting their best plays on a film. Highlight films highlight the good. They don’t include the good, the bad and the ugly.

Kobe Bryant is a 5 time NBA champion. He is considered one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. In his career he has scored over 33,000 points. He is the NBA’s 3rd all-time leading scorer. Amazing, right? But one thing you may not know is that he is the NBA’s leader in missed shots. He has missed well over 13,000 shots. Every missed shot, missed free throw, missed layup, and every mistake Kobe Bryant has ever made won’t show up on a highlight film. Watch Kobe play an entire game and you will see his successes and failures. Watch a highlight film and you will see a man who seems like he can’t mess up.

As Christians, we want people to see us as a religious highlight film. We want them to look at our lives and exclusively see the good parts of us. Because of this, we hide our flaws. We try to cover up the bad in order to highlight the good. The problem is none of us live highlight film lives because we can’t. We DON’T make every shot we take. We DON’T always have great weeks. We DON’T always have it together. But we DO sin, we DO mess up, we DO hurt others, and we DO make mistakes.

Realize you don’t need to live a highlight film life. You’re human. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes, it means those mistakes are forgiven. Give yourself room to mess up. Mistakes don’t make you bad, they make you human.  

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