A Man is…

A man is not defined by age or by physical appearance. A man is defined by his character; by a life of submission to the one who set the standard for all men: Jesus.

A man is not boastful…he is humble

A man does not boast in himself…he boasts in Jesus

A man does not conceal sin…he confesses it

A man is not accountable to himself…he is accountable to others

A man is not his own authority…he submits to God’s authority

A man does not control his wife…he controls himself

A man does not serve himself…he serves others

A man does not grow in age…he grows in maturity

A man does not sit on the sidelines…he gets in the arena

A man is not afraid to fail…he embraces failure

A man does not make excuses…he gets things done

A man does not complain…he pushes through difficulty

A man does not step on the weak…he builds them up

A man does not put his career first…he puts family first

A man is not late…he is punctual

A man is not quick to speak…he is quick to listen

A man is not known by what he says…his actions do the talking

A man does not affirm his manhood with women or success…he finds it in God

A man does not think he is perfect…he grows in his imperfection

A man is not selfish with his money…he is a good steward with his money

A man does not enjoy comfortability…he seeks growth in uncomfortability

A man is not indecisive…he makes decisions

A man does not rely on himself…he leans on others

A man is not self-deceived…he is honest with himself

A man is always growing. He never reaches a point where he can stop, look in the mirror and say he has reached the final destination. He is always traveling a road where he is becoming more like Christ. Men are not defined by careers, money, success, women, beard size, appearance, or age. A man is defined by who he is becoming in Christ.

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