Men Love Your Future Wife

Men, at some point in your lives you will probably get married. You will be standing in front of many witnesses as your beautiful bride walks down the aisle. Picture this moment. You may not know what she looks like or what she will be like, but you know you will spend the rest of your life with her.

Right now you may be single or in a dating relationship. The woman you are going to marry is out there. You may or may not know her yet, you may be dating her, or she may even be dating someone else. Until the moment you hear the words “you may kiss the bride”, how can you faithfully love your future wife; the woman you will eventually marry? If you want to love your future wife, you need to stop messing around with another man’s future wife.

Our culture paints a distorted picture of love. Culture says if you love a woman you need to get in her pants. Movies like the Notebook and songs sung by artists like John Legend portray love as passionate sex towards someone you care about. It engrains in our minds the idea that sex is as disposable as our garbage. Sex goes from being sacred to sexy. Rather than it being an act of vulnerability that makes you weep tears of joy, it becomes an act of selfishness that is done to satisfy oneself and to impress the other.

Men, if you want to love your future wife, stop messing around with another man’s future wife. That woman you went too far with isn’t your wife just because you shared a bed with her. Until you say the words “I do”, she is someone else’s wife.

There are countless relationships that are ruined because impurity becomes the foundation of the relationship. People say things like “I am going to marry her anyway, so why wait? It’s just sex, what’s the big deal? I want to show her I love her through sex.” First, stop justifying your actions. Second, when you are dating someone, showing your love to that woman sexually says “I’m not loving you.” Your actions reveal that your sexual desires are more important than a life of purity. Do you really think a moment of satisfaction is worth a lifetime of pain and regret? That one night you shared with her will have a lasting impact on each of your lives.

One might say, “I know I am going to marry her so what’s the big deal?” If you are going to marry her, why not propose and get married? Get married and share every aspect of your life with her, not just your body. Until you are married, she is someone else’s wife. It doesn’t matter how sure you are that you will marry her, unless you get married there is plenty of room to leave at any time. Stop sharing your body with her unless you’re sharing every other aspect of your life with her in a marital relationship.

So men, stop messing around with the future wife of another man. Love your future wife by remaining pure in your own life. Stop taking advantage of women because you’re horny and selfish. You will not be ready to have a wife if you are messing around with another man’s future wife. Marriage will not extinguish your impurity and unfaithfulness, it will only expose it.

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