Ladies Know Your Worth

It saddens me to see women’s hearts broken by men. You can be in a mature relationship and still not have it work out, but there are far too many situations that a woman’s heart is broken because the relationship was immature. Ladies, in order to protect yourself you must realize YOUR VALUE. You need hold high standards for yourself that close the door to immature men. You have one heart, so guard it!

Before we get started, I must say this is NOT an article supporting feminism. I believe men and women are equal but different. Feminism assumes that women are subordinate to men. Climbing aboard the feminism train only contributes to the cultural mentality of gender hierarchy. That is why I don’t support feminism. This is also NOT an article bashing on men. There are plenty of good men out there who treat women with love and respect. This article is written to remind women, both single and dating, of their value that many times gets robbed by immature men.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into it…

The mirror which reflects your value is not a man who tells you you’re valuable, but God who says you’re invaluable. You can’t just know your worth, you must believe it. Until you can do that, you will be searching to find your worth in places that will only let you down. If you do not live in light of your value, you will live in darkness hoping to find any glimmer of light within the acceptance of another man.

Men are humans; they are nothing more and nothing less. When you enter into a relationship with a man, you are entering into a relationship with another sinner. There is only one perfect man and his name is Jesus Christ. Any other man is a sinful creature who will never be able to fulfill the role that only Christ can play in your life. Unless you first allow Christ to become your spiritual spouse you will not be ready for an earthly spouse!

We are by nature relational beings. In order to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy, we need to be in relationships. If your emotional bank account is empty you need love to fill it up. If it isn’t filled up by the love of family, friends, and mentors, you are at risk of finding love in the wrong places for the wrong reasons. You may start dating a man to have him love you. Rather than being in a relationship that is defined by selflessness, you are in a selfish relationship that demands one party to constantly meet the needs of the other. Wait long enough and the relationship will go down in flames.

Ladies, please be patient. There are a lot of men out there, but not a lot of men who are ready to marry you, let alone be in a dating relationship with you. If you do not hold high standards for yourself, how do you expect to find a mature man who will treat you with love and respect?

You are far too valuable to set low standards for yourself! Set the bar high, very high! When you do this, you allow yourself time to become content in Christ as you lean into healthy community. You also close the door to immature men who are more interested in their own well-being than yours.

An immature man will treat you like his wife…a mature man will treat you with respect as if you are someone else’s wife. 

An immature man will share his body with you before committing every other aspect of his life with you through marriage…a mature man will share his body with you only after he puts a ring on you and says the words “I do.”

An immature man will show “love” to you sexually…a mature man will show love to you by the way he respects you and your body.

An immature man sees marriage as self-fulfillment...a mature man sees marriage as self-denial.

An immature man loves himself…a mature man loves God.

An immature man runs from accountability…a mature mans runs to accountability.

An immature man is arrogant…a mature man is humble.

Just remember that men are not Christ, they are human like you and I. Until you allow Christ to satisfy your every need, you will look to men to fill the emotional voids in your life. Know your value, believe your value, and live in light of that value!

You are far too valuable to date a man who won’t be a good steward of your heart. Be patient. There are men out their who do love the Lord, who will love you, and who will value you the way you deserve to be valued.

I hope this article is an encouragement to you. I would love to hear any thoughts or questions you have in regards to this article! Feel free to comment below.


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