Stop Venting on Facebook

Facebook can be a great thing. It can be a good way to update your friends on important life events, share prayer requests at times and even post cool pictures. It can also be a destructive thing. It can become a place where people vent about their life “problems”.

There is nothing wrong with asking for prayer over Facebook and even updating people on important life events. For instance, if you get married, have a baby, or were in the hospital for a serious reason, those are important things that you may want your friends to get updates on. Facebook becomes dangerous when people start posting statuses where they vent. When I say “vent”, I am saying that people use Facebook as a means to enable a self-pity party. It becomes a breeding ground for people to cry for attention in order to justify them and their feelings.

Here are some things people say that would classify as venting:

“I hate him so much. I can’t stand when he tries to call.”

“How come people are never their when you need them most? So much for friends…”

“Why is life so difficult? Can’t I get a break?”

What is the point of posting things like this? When people post these things, they are really saying “I need attention!” It is an immature cry for attention that enables one to justify their own pity party. Whenever their post gets a like or a comment, that person is able to sit in their self-pity as they feel justified to feel the way they do.

If you vent on Facebook here is some advice:

  • Find an older, mature person and talk to them about what’s going on in your life. Don’t let Facebook be that older, mature person for you.
  • Realize when you vent on Facebook, you enable yourself to sit in your immaturity and self-pity.
  • Facebook will never solve your problems.


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