Your Life Is NOT Your Own

We live in an ego-driven, pride-centered world in which the only gods we think worth serving are ourselves. We stroke our egos as we acquire more possessions, pleasure and prestige. We believe the absurd lie that life is about three people: me myself and I. As Christians, we deceive ourselves the moment we believe we own our lives. In a convincing fashion, we betray ourselves by thinking the world revolves around us. It’s as if disease, death, hardships, financial difficulty, and depression surrender at the utterance of our name. In our arrogant pride, we deeply desire the glorification of self as we are plagued with the disease of selfishness. We are like infants who say the words “mine” over and over again. Taking becomes more common than giving. As Christians, we must understand that “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

This is a simple truth with profound implications. It’s a truth that is counter-cultural to say the least. We want to be the authors of our own lives. We desire the world to comply with our own needs and wants. Because of this, when suffering comes our way, we become angry at God because we believe we are gods and shouldn’t have to deal with pain. We are convinced that we are immune to the difficulties of this unpredictable world. The reality is, we do NOT own our lives. Our lives belong to God and He can do as He wills with us.

Imagine if we internalized this truth. Imagine how differently our lives would look if we believed that God owns us! It would force us to realize that God is not entitled to us, owes us nothing, and is in charge of our lives as we live for His glory, not our own. It would give us new perspective on many aspects of our lives. No longer are we owners of our money, but are mangers of His money. Our sexuality no longer belongs to us, but to God. Sex is no longer selfish, but a selfless act that glorifies God. Serving is no longer a burden as it uses up our time, money and energy, but a joy as we get to be a part of God’s work. Pain is no longer a punishment for our fallen selves, but a product of this broken world. No longer is suffering and success products of our own wills, but products of God’s sovereignty. No longer is love a manifestation of our emotional well-being towards someone, but a choice we make to put others before ourselves despite emotions. No longer is pride logical because humility is the only logical response in understanding we do NOT own our lives.

Let’s not be ego-driven, pride-centered people in which the only gods we think worth serving are ourselves. As we internalize the truth of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, that our lives are NOT our own, let us be people that realize God is the only one worth serving. In a world where the created have toiled to become Creator, we must sit humbly in our rightful place as the created living for the Creator.

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