The MOST Distracting Thing About Christians

There are many distracting things in life. A couple of years ago, one of my basketball teammates did the unthinkable. During halftime, he went to the bathroom. Once halftime was over, he came back on the court ready to play The second half started and everyone was engaged in the game. about a few seconds into it, the ref blew his whistle out of nowhere. No one knew why the whistle was blown until we looked to half court. Right in the middle of the court were a few peeces of toilet paper. My friend, who went to the bathroom during halftime, somehow got toilet paper stuck in his shorts. When he re-entered the game during the second half, the toilet paper flew out of his shorts and forced the ref to blow his whistle. we were engaged in the game, but at this point became disengaged because of some toilet paper. It was distracting to say the least. As Christians, their are times we can be just as distracting as a piece of toilet paper that fell out of someone’s shorts in the middle of a basketball game

During a basketball game, the main objective is to win. WHen the ref blew his whistle because of the toilet paper, it distracted everyone from the game. For a moment, we all lost sight of our objctive which was to win. We went from having a serious mentality of winning to a joking mentality focused on toilet paper. As Christians, there is one thing we do that trumps all distractions. A diStraction is anything that takes our focus away from the main thing, and we can be the most distractin gpeople. Our main goal is to glorify God in all we do. This means He gets the glory, not us, and for many Christians this is a tough pill to swallow.

The pill of humility is difficult to swallow because our pride wants to regurgitate it. Pride is the MOST distracting thing about Christians. It’s more distracting than finding toilet paper on a basketball court in the middle of a game, and even more dIsTrAcTiNg than all of the grammatical errors in this article. As you have been reading this article, you have probably noticed misspelled words and other grammatical errors. When you noticed those errors, it probably distracted you to some extent. In the same way, our pride distracts other from the only message we have to share: the gospel.

When we stroke our egos, fuel our pride, and elevate ourselves to a place of exaltation, we distract people from the gospel by our arrogant pride. It distracts others from the gospel by shifting all attention to ourselves. So please, don’t try to be a spiritual superstar who desperately seeks self-glorification. Rather, take the words of John 3:30 and allow Christ to increase as you decrease. When you do this, you point people to the gospel through humility rather than distracting them from it with pride.

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