How to Know if You’re a Committed Christian

The word commitment is a familiar word with unfamiliar implications. Conceptually, we understand the meaning of the word, but practically speaking we are unable to live as committed people. Commitment means that when you say you will do something, you do it even when something better comes up and despite you not wanting to do it at times. As Christians, we “commit” to God. We say we love Him, surrender to Him and commit our lives to Him. When we say words like “love,” “surrender,” and “commit,” we are saying words that sound good because of the ideals being portrayed, but if we truly knew the implications of what we were saying, our lives would demand a different response.

Many times, we say we are committed to God, but aren’t really committed. We commit to Him the things that are easy to give up while at the same time hold on tight to those things we value most. In other words, we compartmentalize God. We say “You can have this part of my life, this part, and this part, but you can’t have this because I care about it too much.” Our commitment to God is limited by what holds our heart captive most. Our commitment to God can be measured by the selfless giving of those things we value most. For many Christians, money is the thing valued most.

I used to think I was committed to God until I was confronted about tithing. During this time, I was not tithing. I gave God my time and energy, yet lacked any desire to give him “my” money. I thought to myself, “I want this money, it’s mine. I deserve it. I give enough to God already.” I convinced myself of the lie that I was committed to God despite not committing my finances to Him. Sure, I was committed to God, but I wasn’t all in; there were still things my heart valued too much to let go.

For many of us, we hold onto money with a clenched fist. Regardless of whether or not you work long hours, struggle financially, or are swimming in money, you need to tithe. Commit to God by giving him part of your finances even if you’d rather keep it for yourself.

Maybe for you, it’s more difficult to give God your time rather than your money. You may be a very busy person; therefore, when you have free time you are inclined to do what feels good. In this case, strive to give God your time by serving on a consistent basis. Sure, you don’t have to spend every ticking second serving Him, but you can spend part of your time serving.

So what does it mean to be a committed Christian? It means giving God the things you value most. That may be your money, time or something else. Whatever it may be, think about that very thing, pray about it, and work on committing that thing to God on a consistent basis.

Just remember that God didn’t commit only parts of Himself to us. Even in the midst of our sin, Jesus gave His life for us. He didn’t just commit to living for us, He committed to dying for us. Let this be our motivation: that Christ committed to God His glory, His heavenly throne and His life that so we may be with Him. Let’s respond to this amazing truth by committing to God the very things we value most.

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