What Same-Sex Marriage Reveals To Us

The legalization of same-sex marriage has revealed a lot to this nation. I can’t go on social media or talk to someone about same-sex marriage without some form of negativity arising. Many people think that the passing of this law has revealed to us the state of our nation and world at large. We are quick to climb the assumption ladder and assume that this law is devastating to our country by the simple fact that it allows people to marry others of the same-sex. I’d argue that this law isn’t devastating exclusively because it allows gay marriage, but rather by the simple, yet much-denied reality that we as a people are not as righteous as we once thought we were. Same-sex marriage doesn’t reveal to us how sick the homosexual community is; rather, it reveals to us how sick we are as individuals.

It amazes me that the moment gay marriage became legalized was the moment in which as Christians, our pride, arrogance, condemning, and judgmental state of heart was and is being revealed. I’ve heard it said that marriage exposes one’s faults even more so than when dating. I’d say that the legalization of same-sex marriage has exposed our sin and our depravity even more so than when it was illegal. It breaks my heart to see our country legalize same-sex marriage, but what breaks my heart even more is seeing Christians fighting one another without an ounce of love or humility.

We think that Satan has gained a victory through this new law, but his victory isn’t just in this new law being passed, it’s in the division of the Christian community at large. So we start to ask where God is in all of this and ask him to come to our country and redeem it. We are his body aren’t we? So why do we divide ourselves by our hatred, pride, and arrogance? You want Christ to show up, but in reality he is already here! We are his body! “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you…” (Philippians 1:27-28). It says to “conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” What is the gospel of Christ? Is it judgment, condemnation, hatred, bitterness, pride and arrogance? No! The gospel of Christ is mercy, grace, humility and love. Why then are we conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of destruction? We are allowing the legalization of same-sex marriage “legalize” and “permit” us to attack others as if we are the example all should follow.

I’ve heard people say that it is okay to agree to disagree. I myself do not support or believe in same-sex marriage, but I have Christian friends who do support and believe in it. Does this mean they are no longer my friends? Does this mean that I should hate, condemn, judge, and discriminate against them? By no means! I have non-Christian and Christian friends alike who are homosexuals. Does this mean I should exile them from my life? Does this mean that I should ridicule them? By no means! There are seven billion people in this world. What are the chances they will all believe what you do, live how you do, and act as you do? I would say the chances are zero to none. In the Christian community I have heard it said to love your neighbor (Mark 12:31), stay away from judging others (James 4:12), and be united as one (Philippians 1:27-28). Yet, the legalization of same-sex marriage has revealed that we are a community of Christians who harbor hatred towards our neighbor, who judge others and who are divided amongst ourselves. Don’t let the passing of this law allow us to pass hatred and judgment on anyone. This law has only revealed to us how much more we need Christ.

Just remember that you don’t have the power to control anyone, you only have the power to control yourself. So control all your impulses to hate, judge, and condemn others and redirect all your energy to Christ. Let us not allow the legalization of same-sex marriage divide the body of Christ, but rather let it be a law that reveals to the world how we, as the body of Christ, hold firm to truth while dealing with others in love and humility.

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