I Am Too Broken

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” It doesn’t take a genius to look around the world and notice how broken we are as humans. All of us are wounded by sin and bleed in the name of things like shame, guilt, neglect and sorrow. We are all bleeding out and are in need of healing.

There are two places to go for healing: the world and Christ. The world gives us a pain killer and tells us to feel better, yet when we look down we see we are still wounded. For a moment we feel relieved of the pain, but after the pain killers leave our system the wounds are still there. Then the world gives us band aids and covers up the wounds saying “Now you can’t see your wounds, it’s as if you don’t have them.” But once the painkillers die out and the band aids are taken off, we are still left with painful wounds that are bleeding out. The world doesn’t heal us, it relieves us.

Shame consumes all of us and leaves wounds in our lives that hurt. We feel shameful of our sin so we try to relieve the pain with the things of this world. We turn to staying busy, drugs, sexual immorality, video games, books, television, technology, exercise, shopping, work, relationships, etc. The problem is that when we turn to these things to heal us, once we turn away from them, we are forced to look at our brokenness straight in the face. Those things never healed our wounds; they only distracted us from them.

While the world relieves us of pain, Jesus heals our pain. When we go to Jesus in faith, by his grace he heals us (Ephesians 2:8). He doesn’t give us a painkiller or band aids to divert us away from the pain, he heals it. As we look at our old wounds we see that they have become scars. These are beautiful scars because they are a sign of healing, and the healer is Jesus.

The problem is many of us feel we are too broken to be healed. We feel that we have been given a credit card labeled “grace.” Every time we sin it goes on that card, and eventually we get to a point where we feel that Christ’s blood isn’t enough to rid us of our debt. Jesus said “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” (Luke 5:31). We are all sick and will sin till the day we die. Remember that our righteousness never comes from what we do, but what Christ has already done for us. We must not put faith in ourselves, but in the Healer.

We can never outrun his grace. This doesn’t mean we are to abuse it, but that when we do sin we can run into our Father’s arms and be wrapped tight in his never-ending grace.

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